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During AICEP’s 25th year, in 2019-2020, the AICEP Commission launched its first capital campaign. The AICEP 20/20 Fund campaign raised $20,000, which included a matching challenge from a group of generous anonymous donors.

The dollars raised through the 20/20 Fund have provided resources to support greater outreach activities, upgrade AICEP's technical infrastructure, and to bring the CEP Assessment online through the purchase of an online proctoring system. 

These projects represent the operational priorities of the AICEP Commission as it pursues its mission to certify the most qualified educational planning professionals, support the recertification process of current CEPs, and promote the importance of standards and ethics in the profession of educational planning around the globe.

The Commission is grateful for the support from the donors listed below

as well as for the foundational support of the anonymous matching-fund donors.

The AICEP 20/20 Fund Donors

Commissioners' Circle ($500 or more)

Dr. Steven R. Antonoff, CEP

Dr. Erin Avery, CEP

Bill Dingledine, CEP

Lisa Gelman, CEP (in honor of Vita Cohen)

Jeanna Kawamura, CEP

Katelyn Klapper, CEP

Dr. Rachel Sobel, CEP

Steve Syverson

Leadership Circle ($250 - $499)

Judy Bass, CEP

Joe Bernard, CEP

Francine Block, CEP

Kathie Carnahan, CEP

Vita Cohen, CEP

Sandra Furth, CEP

Charlotte Klaar, CEP

Heidi Molbak, CEP

Patricia Nehme, CEP

Erika Smith, CEP

Julia Surtshin, CEP

Jake Weld

Certified Partner ($100 - $249)

Robin Abedon, CEP

Jill Athenour, CEP

Ferah Aziz, CEP

Sandy Bercu, CEP

Lora Block, CEP

Joan Bress, CEP

Whitney Bruce, CEP

Nancy Cadwallader, CEP

Joan Casey, CEP

Barbara Connolly, CEP

Jill Corbin, CEP

Andrea Coupe, CEP (in memory of Theresa Spence)

Beth Dennard, CEP

Kristina Dooley, CEP

Jonathan Dunn, CEP

Julie Raynor Gross, CEP

Maite Halley, CEP

Shelly Humbach, CEP

Pam Jobin, CEP

Martha Jones, CEP

Melinda Kopp, CEP

Joan Koven, CEP

Catherine Marrs, CEP

Kazue McGregor, CEP

Bari Norman, CEP

Luisa Rabe, CEP

Jill Rickel, CEP

Hannah Serota, CEP

Jane Shropshire, CEP

Louise Slater, CEP

Ruth Warburg, CEP

Donor (up to $99)

Peggy Baker, CEP

Cammie Bertram, CEP

Laura Blanche, CEP

Sandra Clifton, CEP

Kimberly Davis, CEP

Jamie Dickenson, CEP

Laura O'Brien Gatzionis, CEP

Amanda Hirko, CEP

Jane Hoffman, CEP

Debi Hudson, CEP

Jennifer Kent, CEP

Claire Law, CEP

Jean Louis, CEP

Nola Lynch, CEP

Linda Magnussen, CEP

Dorrie Middlebrook, CEP

Dr. Stephen Migden, CEP

Patricia O'Keefe, CEP

Anna Seltz, CEP

Deborah Spagnoletti, CEP

Pamela Tedeschi, CEP

Julia Varriale, CEP

Peter Wright, CEP

James Yannopoulos, CEP

Perry Youngblood, CEP

Gifts in Memory

Kathie Carnahan, CEP (in memory of Richard Sessions)

Andrea Coupe, CEP (in memory of Theresa Spence)


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Denver, CO 80206


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