Initial qualifications:

  • Hold at least a Masters degree in a relevant educational field (or demonstrate extensive comparable experience, including relevant certificate programs);
  • Posses substantial professional experience (typically four to five years);
  • Submit five professional references who can attest to your experience and expertise;
  • Provide a list of 30 campus or site visits from the last three years, as well as a demonstrated professional development hours and commitment to the profession through membership in relevant organizations.

Application and assessment:

The application process includes a thorough census form that reviews education, training, expertise, and professional activities. Individual differences in specialization and competency are fully considered in the evaluation process.

Your application will be reviewed by a committee of Certified Educational Planners. If your application is approved, you must then pass the online assessment.

An online proctored written exam provides insight into a professional’s ability to interpret client needs, including data from relevant testing, and recommend appropriate schools, colleges, or programs. The exam is based on case studies in the areas the professional identifies as their own expertise (traditional boarding, college, therapeutic, etc).  Recertification is required after a five-year period. You will be asked to submit documentation of sustained professional activities during that time.


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