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International Independent Educational Consultants and Becoming a Certified Educational Planner

09/26/2022 8:47 AM | Anonymous

By Sany Furth, CEP

I received a query from a family the other day that said this: I am looking for a consultant who has experience with international university placement. I used someone who said they had experience, but did not. My child is at an international location that is not a fit. While I don’t know if this family used a consultant who is part of an organization like NACAC, IECA or HECA or even a Certified Educational Planner (CEP), what I do know is that having my CEP distinguishes me in a variety of ways. 

As the number of domestic and international educational consultants are on the rise, it is paramount  as international IECs to distinguish ourselves from agents as well as those who have never worked with an international student, traveled abroad and viewed schools or post secondary institutions or have an understanding of cultural differences. 

We know the difference between agents and an IEC, and we want our clientele to clearly understand these differences as well. We work for the family, not  a specific school. We know we  are not there to fill seats, we are there for the family to provide wise counsel and assist families in making the best possible decisions for their students. We know that a Certified Educational Planner is the highest mark in our profession and is a clear demonstration of unique expertise in our field of consulting. We continue our knowledge base of whatever our specialty: university, school, therapeutic based consulting, summer, test prep to name just a few. Agents have a narrow view of all of this. This is why the CEP designation is important to us as international consultants. 

Those who work with an international clientele also have keen knowledge of cultural needs as well as the understanding of transition from one culture to another;  what it takes to move from one country to another. Our work does not stop just at placement. This is another aspect differentiating us from agents. 

Because we recertify every five years, our learning is continuous through campus visits, webinars, visits with admissions directors. This sets us apart from not only agents, but others out there without this designation. We CEPs are informed, we guide and advise. We keep up with what is new in the field, and we know in the last several years, things have moved quickly and changed on a dime. 

Holding the Certified Educational Planner is the highest level of professional standards in the  field of educational consulting.  Do not hesitate to reach out to us, we will not let you go down this path alone. We will coach you, we will assist you through the application process, tutor you through the exam process. We want you to succeed and gain this esteemed designation.


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