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IECA-AICEP Integration

01/06/2024 11:29 AM | Anonymous

A letter from the AICEP Chair:

I hope you had a restful and joyful holiday season and 2024 is off to a productive start.

I want to take this opportunity to update you on the exciting progress that is being made in the AICEP/IECA integration process. As you know, last summer the leadership of AICEP and IECA met to discuss the merits of such an integration. Following these meetings, a 10-member Task Force to Elevate the Profession of Educational Planning/Consulting was formed. The Task Force includes members of both organizations as well as representation from non-IECA members and those who are not CEPs. In November, they began learning about the intricacies of both organizations. Their work will continue through the spring and summer, with full integration expected by the end of the year.

Several questions, and some rumors, about how AICEP will be affected by this integration have circulated over the past several weeks. This letter is intended to dispel any misconceptions and clarify some often asked questions.

1) Will the CEP assessment become easier or harder after this integration?

There will be NO changes to the assessment.

2) How will my recertification be affected by this integration?

It will NOT be affected. Our certification requirements, assessment procedures, and recertification process will remain unchanged.

3) Must I be a member of IECA to receive or retain my CEP credential?

NO. You do NOT need to be a member of IECA to receive or retain your CEP certification. However, we hope you will choose to become a member or continue your membership in IECA.

4) I am an Associate Member of IECA. Will I need to become a Professional member to retain my CEP?

NO. It is possible that there may be changes to the membership categories within IECA following this integration, but we do not know if or how that may impact AICEP. We will learn more over the next several months as the Task Force evaluates the specifics of this integration.

5) What is the benefit of this integration for AICEP?

AICEP and IECA are working together in hopes of making our profession stronger. We came to a collective understanding that the profession of independent educational planning/consulting is best served by this relationship. We think it will yield a more meaningful credential for all of us.

As the Task Force continues their work, AICEP remains committed to maintaining its autonomous agency over the assessment process. For this integration to be successful, the firewall between the two organizations must remain impermeable.

If you have questions, concerns, or comments about this integration, please contact AICEP Executive Assistant, Megan Bertron at or me at

Thank you for your ongoing commitment to AICEP.


Rachel B. Sobel, PhD, CEP, Chair


1145 Gaylord Street

Denver, CO 80206


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